Navigating Entrepreneurial Doubts: Exploring Imposter Syndrome and Its Impact

Imposter syndrome is a topic that plagues many entrepreneurs. It's that nagging feeling that you don't belong or deserve your success, and it can hold you back. ...more


September 08, 20231 min read

Navigating Entrepreneurial Doubts: Exploring Imposter Syndrome and Its Impact
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Valérie Nourissat

Life Coach

I highly recommend the sessions with Frédérique!
I leave each session edified and with more clarity on my next steps.


Sharlene Shah

Executive Coach

I recently had the opportunity to work with Frédérique and was able to experience firsthand her ability to maintain my focus and help me achieve certain business goals I had set for myself.


Gérard Martinez

Consultant Expert in education and French culture

Frédérique is a dedicated professional, she is passionate about her work, shows great energy in her work and great flexibility. She knows how to create relationships of trust and shows great empathy.


Marion Ziller

Regulated Immigration Consultant

Frédérique uses her knowledge accumulated over the years as well as her experience as an entrepreneur to help me in my business launch. She knows how to remain neutral and objective by putting herself in the place of a potential client.

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